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On the other hand, executive protection is a far more advanced and complex type of security service. Like bodyguards, executive protection agents also provide clients physical protection from any threat that presents itself; however, that’s where the similarities end. An EP agent or team additionally takes on numerous other duties to provide a much larger buffer or offset between a threat and the client by applying advanced skills such as surveillance and counter surveillance to the security mission. The EP agent or team focuses much more of their efforts on making strategic and tactical actions behind the scenes to ensure that any real threats avoid actively pursuing the client. So, if an EP agent is doing his or her job well, the client will often feel that a threat doesn’t even really exist.

Need more information on how our executive protection solution can work for you? Get in touch with a risk advisor or fill out the form below to have us contact you. Preserving, projecting, and protecting our clients’ image and interests is our business. Our team will evaluate your workplace, primary residence, and frequently traveled locations. In fact, we will also assess common travel patterns and other scheduled activities of the client before designing the most effective security coverage for him or her. I am very dedicated about entering the field in executive/ VIP protection and would wish to participate in the coming training.

We can even provide traveling security details to provide continuous coverage of your security needs. We help our clients make smart executive protection decisions when it comes to ensuring their personal safety and the residential security of their offices. We provide services coupled with an alarm response that keeps thieves at bay and safeguards homes and businesses. With over 30 years of executive protection experience, DMAC Security has established an excellent reputation in the private security, executive protection industry. No other company can offer the level of professionalism, experience and exclusive services you’ll find with DMAC Security.

Executive Protection Specialists can provide peace of mind to individuals and families that are traveling domestically and abroad. The Journal of Security Administration was started by Norman Bottom. It was the first scholarly refereed academic journal in the security field.

This experience will be beneficial in an Executive Protection Agent role. If an Agent is working an unarmed assignment, they will need to be well-trained and experienced in defensive hand-to-hand combat. Physical intervention is a last resort for any security professional; however, you must be able to defend and protect the Principle. Since driving is an integral part of the job requirement, Agents will need to be skilled behind the wheel. Should they ever find themselves in a situation where they have to evade a threat or get away from a situation quickly, the client will need to know they are in good hands when traveling at high speeds. An Executive Protection professional is intelligent, discreet, decisive, ethical, and serious.

Built upon over 30 years of law enforcement experience and management, DMAC Security is an established full service armed and unarmed security firm. Executive Protection (celebrities, executives, diplomats and etc.) is fast becoming an important element of effective security plans. VIP’s are increasingly targeted by irate former employees, eco-terrorists, criminals, foreign terrorists, foreign corporations and even via internal business espionage activities. The resulting security breaches threaten entire businesses, families, employees and “fans” (for celebrities and other high-profile individuals). A large bank balance attracts attention of the wrong kind, leading to risks such as abduction and physical harm.

No two Executive Protection clients have the same situations, concerns, threats, or needs. If you go with a large executive protection provider that only offers pre-packaged options, you may be paying for services that you don’t need while not receiving services that you’d like but aren’t included. Throughout this process, and particularly valuable for our clients, Kroll’s executive protection specialists highlight publicly available personal information that can be used to target our clients by nefarious actors. Oftentimes, threat actors will gather information about their targets utilizing publicly available information. We will help identify that information to better inform and establish your protective efforts and disrupt those who may intend harm or embarrassment. Our approach to executive protection is simple—we provide accurate, researched and actionable information to articulate an unbiased threat environment for our clients.

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