Use Print Robots to Automate Print Jobs

When you talk about the industry of the Printing Industry, you will also come to know the term Automate Print Jobs. It is also referred as Web-based application that automates all the print jobs in the industry. This technology is available to all types of industries which use regular printing jobs. They have reduced the cost of maintenance and hence have a high profit margin. The main task is to automate the print jobs without any additional manpower.

All the tasks related to print jobs such as proof reading, binding, finishing etc are taken care of by this software. Thus, it can be said that this software takes away the responsibility of doing all the jobs by human. It just automates those jobs which are less critical. This is very much helpful for all types of industry, whether industrial or commercial.

The technology is available in two versions. One is the fully featured and the other is the client hosted version. For the fully featured type, a one year subscription is required whereas the client version can be accessed with a one time membership fee. Thus, it is not necessary to renew your membership each year in case of the client hosted software.

The main advantage of this type of automation is that you do not need extra personnel to operate on the print jobs. All the functions of this type of software are handled by the server. You just need to install the required softwares on the computer which is connected to the printer. This server can be accessed using any browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

Some of the advantages of this type of printing automation are cost reduction, increased productivity, reduced wastage, and control over paper jams. However, these advantages can be enjoyed only if you opt for the right printing company. If you contact them, they might ask you to pay a large sum as royalties for letting them access your printing records.

You can also automate print by setting up print jobs that can be assigned to a different department and employees. With this, you will no longer bother about re-starting a printing job from the start-time. In fact, you can get a print job done in a few hours time. The major disadvantage of this method is the lack of control over the printing process. It cannot be done in full automation as the client does not have a copy of the file. Thus, there are limitations when you want to automate print and the most significant limitation is the time-it takes to get the job done. Visit here for more information about postgrid.

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