Cannabidiol And Other Natural Herbs For Treating Anxiety Disorders

Cannabidiol, or cbd for dogs as it is more commonly known, is one of a number of different cannabis sativa varieties that has been shown to have very similar health benefits to marijuana. Cannabidiol is also called CBD, cannabidiol, or CBD oil. Cannabidiol was first identified by the cannabis cultivators as a chemical compound that had many medical properties, including the ability to relieve nausea and help with weight loss. After the scientists isolated cannabidiol they began testing it for other possible uses. As the demand for CBD oil grew so did its research and development.

The primary use of CBD is to help with inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been implicated in a number of different diseases and conditions including multiple sclerosis, arthritis, migraine headaches, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Several studies have looked at whether cannabidiol might help with any or all of these symptoms. The conclusion by the researchers seems to indicate that cannabidiol might have a role to play in the treatment of inflammation and pain associated with multiple sclerosis, arthritis and migraines. In addition, CBD has been shown to relieve nausea associated with chemotherapy and other kinds of nausea, and has been used for its anti-anxiety and sleep qualities.

The same group of researchers further concluded that cannabidiol may also be useful for the relief of pain related to cancer treatment. Specifically, they noted that there are two distinct types of pain: physical pain and psychological pain. Both can be very debilitating and both can be ameliorated with the use of CBD oil. The group went on to say that further research needs to be conducted in order to determine if CBD can indeed be used in the treatment of cancer pain. However, the Cannabidiol oil is thought to be very safe and there’s no evidence of any negative side effects or risk in trying it. This represents a major advance in the field of medical and psychiatric research involving human testing and experimentation.

It’s not just high blood pressure that can benefit from the use of Cannabidiol oil. According to the same researchers, this is a “fantastic anti-inflammatory” substance that can help with everything from tennis elbow to rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain conditions such as those suffered by patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Not only is it excellent in combating inflammation, CBD seems to work better on improving the functioning of the liver than prescription anti-inflammatories. The researchers go on to conclude that CBD is “uniquely able to modulate the inflammatory process without producing any side effects.”

In conclusion, it seems that the benefits of Cannabidiol go beyond medical necessity into areas of interest to most people. Medical marijuana has been approved by the FDA for certain medical conditions but, as with the study done by the University of Texas, the government may not even be able to fully regulate this relatively new substance. For example, the CBD is found in relatively high concentrations in the flowers of the cannabis plant, and it must be extracted from the flowers and made into a liquid before it can be used. Therefore, not only is the government not regulating CBD, the manufacturers of medical marijuana are not required to list CBD as an ingredient on products sold for medicinal purposes.

If you suffer from some form of chronic or recurring anxiety, you should definitely give some serious thought to trying cannabidiol and/or CBD oil for your chronic anxiety. It may be one of the answers you were seeking. If you’re not sure what remedy(s) would be best for you, please see the resource box for a free guide to treating anxiety and other disorders. It could be just what you need to gain relief from your anxiety!

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