Types of Table Lamps

A table  atollo replica lamp is an inexpensive source of lighting that stands alone on any piece of furniture or a table. In the modern world of lamps, table lamps are the easiest lighting solutions available. With the right shade, bulb type, shape, and even color modern table lamps can function as both a main source of diffused or direct light to enhance the overall ambiance. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, a table lamp can really bring the life back into your room.

One of the first things you will notice when shopping for a table lamp is how versatile the lampshade actually is. Today’s table lampshades come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and styles, so there is truly something for every home. It is important that you choose the right lampshade for the intended purpose, so that it will be the most comfortable light source possible.

The first category of table lamps that fall within the general category of home lighting are known as accent lighting. These types of table lamps typically have one white or accent colored lampshade, which adds a soft glow to any room. These types of table lamps are great for areas such as a reading area, where soft lighting is needed, but they do not require high power to achieve their effect.

Table lamps that fit into the second category of home lighting are known as task lighting. These are often smaller than accent or decorative lamps. They usually contain three or four different hues of lampshades in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles, which provide a colorful background for one or two light fixtures. This type of table lamp is great for a bedroom nightstand or dressing table, as well as other small areas throughout the home. The task lighting found on these types of table lamps is usually sufficient enough to brighten a room, but their brightness is not so bright as to be an eyesore. They are also more energy efficient than most other decorative lighting sources.

The third type of table lamps that fall into the decorative category are known as downlighters. As its name implies, the downlight style of lamp works differently than the up or center style lamp. Instead of illuminating a lighted surface by pushing or pulling the glass, as is done with an up light, the downlighter simply moves the glass up and down to cast a flood of bright light all around itself. Downlighters are popular fixtures with table lamps because they are not only a practical choice, but they are also beautiful.

A final category of table lamp would have to be the table lamp with a shade. Shades are normally added to a table lamp to either soften the light or to add an illusion of a raised surface above the table. Sizes can vary widely between standard sized shades and those which are large enough to cover a whole desk or computer screen. There are many designs to choose from; you can even have them custom-made. These types of table lamp often have an ornamental base, but often times they will also have a flexible cord attached to the base that allows it to be hung on any flat surface. These versatile lamps are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a decorative, yet functional piece of furniture that adds style while serving a useful purpose.

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