Video Game Addiction: What is it and How Can it Be Prevented?

Online video games refer to a number of computer games that can be played online. These games are played across networks such as the World Wide Web, Internet and the like. There are also a great number of free online video games that can be downloaded from the Internet in a flash format.

Online video games differ from the ones that we play in our personal computers. Such online games can take many forms and feature all genres of gaming. They can be for single player or multi player modes. Single player games are the ones that are played by a single player and hence the player is supposed to have the same level of playing skill with that of other players in the game. Multi-player online games on the other hand, are those wherein more than one player takes part in a game session and the objective is to help them out in achieving their objectives.

The games like Counter Strike, Team fortress 2 and many others offer great online video games for Multiplayer mode wherein two or more players take part in the game’s overall game play. Multiplayer online video games are the ones that allow two or more computers to play the same game against each other. The characters in these games are the same as the ones used in real life. Some of them are completely imaginary and hence the players do not have to interact with other players, just to achieve their goals. Others however, involve some interactive gaming which includes interaction with the real people behind the creation of the online game. For instance, you may come across an online multiplayer game such as that of Counter Strike where you may be able to talk to your friends or even other players whom you meet while playing the game.

Social media has emerged as one of the most important factors that drive online video games. In particular, Facebook and Twitter have become very popular platforms for gamers to communicate, discuss and share new strategies and tricks that they have learnt. This is largely because social media allows the players to form online relationships with their near and dear ones who may be far off.

As a concrete example, let us look at the popular online game Fortnite. Fortnite is an easy to play action-adventure video game developed by Epic Games for the PC and the Xbox. The game involves simple yet addictive gaming mechanics where your goal is to build an underground fort to protect your home from marauding monsters. To do so, you will have to gather materials such as wood, bricks, stone and other building materials while protecting your home from invaders with a large variety of guns and other weapons. You can also purchase new weapons and equipment in the in-game marketplace.

These gaming mechanics of Fortnite make it a popular choice among young boys who would like to engage in activities that appeal to their interests. In a way, they are playing games that act as an avenue for boys to learn about how to kill monsters using guns and other fighting tools. This learning process, however, is at the mercy of the female players who may not necessarily be interested in engaging in violence. However, it is not uncommon to see many girls playing this casual multiplayer video game, which is becoming more popular on the Web as a result. It is estimated that several hundred thousand people play this type of online game daily, making it one of the most popular gaming genres on the Internet.

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